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Konsole Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Konsole's main class and program.

The class Konsole handles the application level. Mainly, it is responsible for the configuration, taken from several files, from the command line and from the user. It hardly does anything interesting. Everything is created as late as possible to make it startup fast.

Definition at line 62 of file konsole.h.

Public Types

enum  TabPosition { TabNone, TabTop, TabBottom }
enum  TabViewModes { ShowIconAndText = 0, ShowTextOnly = 1, ShowIconOnly = 2 }

Public Slots

void activateSession (QWidget *)
void activateSession (int position)
void makeGUI ()
QString newSession ()

Public Member Functions

void activateSession (const QString &sessionId)
KURL baseURL () const
void callReadPropertiesInternal (KConfig *config, int number)
QString currentSession ()
void enableFixedSize (bool b)
void enableFullScripting (bool b)
void feedAllSessions (const QString &text)
virtual QCStringList functionsDynamic ()
void initFullScreen ()
void initMasterMode (bool on)
void initMonitorActivity (bool on)
void initMonitorSilence (bool on)
void initSessionFont (int fontNo)
void initSessionKeyTab (const QString &keyTab)
void initSessionTitle (const QString &_title, TESession *_se=0)
 Konsole (const char *name, const QString &_program, QStrList &_args, int histon, bool menubaron, bool tabbaron, bool frameon, bool scrollbaron, const QString &icon, const QString &_title, QCString type=0, const QString &_term=QString::null, bool b_inRestore=false, const int wanted_tabbar=0, const QString &workdir=QString::null)
QString newSession (const QString &type)
void newSession (const QString &program, const QStrList &args, const QString &term, const QString &icon, const QString &cwd)
virtual bool processDynamic (const QCString &fun, const QByteArray &data, QCString &replyType, QByteArray &replyData)
void sendAllSessions (const QString &text)
int sessionCount ()
QString sessionId (const int position)
void setAutoClose (bool on)
void setColLin (int columns, int lines)
void setDefaultSession (const QString &filename)
void setSchema (const QString &path)
void showTipOnStart ()

Protected Member Functions

bool queryClose ()
void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void saveProperties (KConfig *config)

Private Slots

void activateMenu ()
void activateSession (TESession *)
void activateSession ()
void allowPrevNext ()
void attachSession (TESession *)
void biggerFont ()
void bookmarks_menu_check ()
void changeColumns (int)
void closeCurrentSession ()
void configureRequest (TEWidget *, int, int, int)
void confirmCloseCurrentSession ()
void disableMasterModeConnections ()
void doneChild (KonsoleChild *, TESession *)
void doneSession (TESession *)
void enableMasterModeConnections ()
void enterURL (const QString &, const QString &)
void fontNotFound ()
void keytab_menu_activated (int item)
void listSessions ()
void loadScreenSessions ()
void moveSessionLeft ()
void moveSessionRight ()
void newSession (const QString &, const QString &)
void newSession (int kind)
void newSessionTabbar (int kind)
void nextSession ()
void notifySessionState (TESession *session, int state)
void notifySize (int, int)
void pixmap_menu_activated (int item, TEWidget *tewidget=0)
void prevSession ()
void reparseConfiguration ()
void schema_menu_activated (int item)
void schema_menu_check ()
void sendSignal (int n)
void setFullScreen (bool on)
void setSchema (int n, TEWidget *tewidget=0)
void showTip ()
void slotClearAllSessionHistories ()
void slotClearHistory ()
void slotClearTerminal ()
void slotConfigure ()
void slotConfigureKeys ()
void slotConfigureNotifications ()
void slotCopyClipboard ()
void slotCouldNotClose ()
void slotDetachSession ()
void slotFind ()
void slotFindDone ()
void slotFindHistory ()
void slotFindNext ()
void slotFindPrevious ()
void slotHistoryType ()
void slotMovedTab (int, int)
void slotPasteClipboard ()
void slotPasteSelection ()
void slotPrint ()
void slotRenameSession (TESession *ses, const QString &name)
void slotRenameSession ()
void slotResetClearTerminal ()
void slotSaveHistory ()
void slotSaveSessionsProfile ()
void slotSaveSettings ()
void slotSelectBell ()
void slotSelectFont ()
void slotSelectScrollbar ()
void slotSelectSize ()
void slotSelectTabbar ()
void slotSetSelectionEnd ()
void slotTabbarContextMenu (const QPoint &)
void slotTabbarToggleDynamicHide ()
void slotTabCloseSession ()
void slotTabContextMenu (QWidget *, const QPoint &)
void slotTabDetachSession ()
void slotTabRenameSession ()
void slotTabSetViewOptions (int)
void slotTabToggleMasterMode ()
void slotTabToggleMonitor ()
void slotToggleMasterMode ()
void slotToggleMenubar ()
void slotToggleMonitor ()
void slotZModemDetected (TESession *session)
void slotZModemUpload ()
void smallerFont ()
void switchToSession ()
void toggleBidi ()
void toggleFullScreen ()
void updateFullScreen (bool on)
void updateKeytabMenu ()
void updateRMBMenu ()
void updateSchemaMenu ()
void updateTitle ()

Private Member Functions

QPtrList< TEWidgetactiveTEs ()
void addScreenSession (const QString &path, const QString &socket)
void addSession (TESession *s)
void addSessionCommand (const QString &path)
void applySettingsToGUI ()
void buildSessionMenus ()
void createSessionTab (TEWidget *widget, const QIconSet &iconSet, const QString &text, int index=-1)
KSimpleConfig * defaultSession ()
void detachSession (TESession *_se=0)
bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e)
QIconSet iconSetForSession (TESession *session) const
void initTEWidget (TEWidget *new_te, TEWidget *default_te)
void loadSessionCommands ()
void makeBasicGUI ()
void makeTabWidget ()
QString newSession (KSimpleConfig *co, QString pgm=QString::null, const QStrList &args=QStrList(), const QString &_term=QString::null, const QString &_icon=QString::null, const QString &_title=QString::null, const QString &_cwd=QString::null)
void readProperties (KConfig *config, const QString &schema, bool globalConfigOnly)
void resetScreenSessions ()
void runSession (TESession *s)
void setColorPixmaps ()
void setFont (int fontno=-1)
void setMasterMode (bool _state, TESession *_se=0)
void setSchema (ColorSchema *s, TEWidget *tewidget=0)
void switchToFlat ()
void switchToTabWidget ()

Private Attributes

QRect _saveGeometry
QPtrDict< TESessionaction2session
bool b_addToUtmp:1
bool b_allowResize:1
bool b_bidiEnabled:1
bool b_dynamicTabHide
bool b_fixedSize:1
bool b_framevis:1
bool b_fullscreen:1
bool b_fullScripting:1
bool b_histEnabled:1
bool b_showstartuptip:1
bool b_warnQuit:1
bool b_xonXoff:1
KonsoleBookmarkHandler * bookmarkHandler
KonsoleBookmarkHandler * bookmarkHandlerSession
int cmd_first_screen
int cmd_serial
ColorSchemaList * colors
int curr_schema
QFont defaultFont
QSize defaultSize
QPtrList< KonsoleChild > detached
QString dropText
QString fontNotFound_par
bool isRestored:1
KWinModule * kWinModule
KPopupMenu * m_bookmarks
KPopupMenu * m_bookmarksSession
KAction * m_clearAllSessionHistories
KAction * m_clearHistory
KAction * m_clearTerminal
KAction * m_closeSession
QTimer m_closeTimeout
KAction * m_copyClipboard
KSimpleConfig * m_defaultSession
QString m_defaultSessionFilename
KAction * m_detachSession
KPopupMenu * m_edit
bool m_find_first
bool m_find_found
QString m_find_pattern
KonsoleFind * m_finddialog
KAction * m_findHistory
KAction * m_findNext
KAction * m_findPrevious
KToggleAction * m_fullscreen
KPopupMenu * m_help
unsigned int m_histSize
KPopupMenu * m_keytab
bool m_menuCreated:1
KAction * m_moveSessionLeft
KAction * m_moveSessionRight
QToolButton * m_newSessionButton
QPoint m_newSessionButtonMousePressPos
KPopupMenu * m_options
KAction * m_pasteClipboard
KAction * m_pasteSelection
KAction * m_print
KAction * m_quit
QToolButton * m_removeSessionButton
KAction * m_renameSession
KAction * m_resetClearTerminal
KPopupMenu * m_rightButton
KAction * m_saveHistory
KAction * m_saveProfile
KPopupMenu * m_schema
int m_separator_id
KPopupMenu * m_session
KPopupMenu * m_sessionList
KActionCollection * m_shortcuts
KPopupMenu * m_signals
KPopupMenu * m_tabbarPopupMenu
KPopupMenu * m_tabbarSessionsCommands
KAction * m_tabDetachSession
KToggleAction * m_tabMasterMode
KToggleAction * m_tabMonitorActivity
KToggleAction * m_tabMonitorSilence
KPopupMenu * m_tabPopupMenu
KPopupMenu * m_tabPopupTabsMenu
TabViewModes m_tabViewMode
KPopupMenu * m_view
KAction * m_zmodemUpload
KToggleAction * masterMode
KMenuBar * menubar
KToggleAction * monitorActivity
KToggleAction * monitorSilence
int monitorSilenceSeconds
int n_bell
int n_defaultFont
int n_defaultKeytab
int n_font
int n_keytab
int n_render
int n_scroll
int n_tabbar
QIntDict< KSimpleConfig > no2command
QIntDict< QString > no2filename
QIntDict< KTempFile > no2tempFile
QString pmPath
QPtrDict< KRootPixmap > rootxpms
QString s_kconfigSchema
QString s_schema
QString s_word_seps
KSelectAction * selectBell
KSelectAction * selectFont
KSelectAction * selectScrollbar
KSelectAction * selectSize
KSelectAction * selectTabbar
QPtrDict< KRadioAction > session2action
int sessionIdCounter
QPtrList< TESessionsessions
KToggleAction * showMenubar
bool skip_exit_query:1
KStatusBar * statusbar
KTabWidget * tabwidget
int wallpaperSource


class KonsoleSessionManaged

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